Monday, February 23, 2009

Shoes + Food + Music = A great party!!

We played tonight for the launch of Christian LouBoutin's new luxury shoe collection inspired by Marie Antoinette.
The event was held at the very cozy Marche Moderne Restaurant in South Coast Plaza and while I was too busy to eat I'd say the food looked amazing!

The event was produced flawlessly by my good friend Jeff Brown who did a amazing job with the decor.

Photos taken by the very talented Fashion photographer John Watkins.

I set the tone for the night with a very eclectic mix of French Lounge along with some tracks from the "I Love Serge" & "French Cafe" compilations.

If you like that style you should also check out The Bajofondo Tango Club.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Questions to ask before Hiring your DJ

We realize that hiring a DJ can be a daunting task as we are providing a service that is hard to measure until the event is already happening.

Here are some questions that you might consider asking your potential DJ during the screening process to make sure you are dealing with a professional.

Is the DJ willing to meet with you for an interview before you hire them?
Remember, this is your special day and you have every right to make sure you feel comfortable with the individual creating all the energy and excitement at your event. Often times a company will meet with you to discuss your event, but send a different person to actually perform. You should make sure that the person you are meeting is the individual that will arrive for your event. It’s important to get a feel for the personality of the DJ and determine whether he/she will relate well to you and your guests.

Is the DJ willing to do a site survey of the party space prior to the event?
The DJ should know in advance where he/she is going to set up shop.
We personally like to know in advance the route and drive time to the event to make sure we are on time and that there are no surprises like not being able to find a power source.

Will the DJ be willing to play requests and discuss music prior to the event?
This is one of the common complaints. You spend a great deal of time putting your list of music requests together and then none of them are played the night of your event. Remember, it's your day so make sure that you have a DJ who is willing to accomodate your style and taste.

How much time do you allow for set up?
Our DJs typically arrive at least 1 hour prior to your event and will be fully sound checked and ready to rock well before the first guest arrives.
(This also allows time for trouble shooting any equipment issues

Can the DJ supply you with references or letters of recommendation?
What better way to determine a DJ’s credibility that to hear testimonials from satisfied clients?

Are you INSURED?
Most responsible business owners carry insurance to protect themselves and their clients.
Many venues are now asking for the vendors to provide proof of Liability

Does the DJ have a backup plan in case of equipment failure?
Most professional DJs will have backup equipment or a network of resources to call in case of emergency. Making sure that the DJ is using top grade professional equipment will reduce the chances of any problems, but unforeseen circumstances can and do occur.

What kind of experience does the DJ have?
DJs have varying degrees in their style, presentation, and overall music knowledge.Be sure you have found a DJ whose expertise properly matches your needs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music heals more than just your soul......

I found a recent article (and book)that talked about the healing power of music.

An article by Maryl Davids Landau says it turns out the same researchers that proved laughter has a positive physical effect on the cardivasular system did some tests with music and found that subjects blood vessels expanded an average of 26% while listening to joyful music for 30 minutes and narrowed 6% when hearing music that created anxiety.

Additional research has also show music (and laughter) to lower blood pressure.
So play your favorite song and have a good laugh!

Oliver Sacks wrote a fascenating book that explores music and the effect it has on the brain and nervous system. He is a well known author and Neurologist that wrote the book "Awakenings" which was turned into a move with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.

The book is called Musicophilia and I highly recommend it!