Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ed & Nancy @ Pelican Hill

Ed & Nancy are 2 cool kids who had a stunning ceremony & reception at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast. I snapped a couple photos of them seen here with my favorite Officiant-  JP Renoylds

As you can see, the background for a wedding ceremony at this venue is amazing!!

Ceremony music was provided by Strings By Reiko and they did an awesome cover of "Stand By you" by the Pretenders. They are really good at translating contemporary music into a strings arrangement.

Carolyn & her team from The Special Day made sure (as always) that everything flowed very smoothly.

The highlight of the evening was a Hip Hop dance routine that Ed & Nancy did along with the entire bridal party.  It's pretty sweet and you can watch it on You Tube HERE!!

Speaking of Video....
I was blown away by the wedding video done by Elysium Productions.
They have an on-site editing bay working on the footage so by the time you sit down for dinner the video is done and includes footage from the actual ceremony.  See Ed & Nancy's Video HERE
I've worked with them before and their work always makes a huge impression on the guests.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet our newest clients!!!

Adrian and Desiree are two very cool kids that found us from our YELP profile  and we are happy to be doing music for their wedding.

They had a great idea and created a website specifically  for their wedding on Feb 13th 2010 at Dukes in Malibu.   See their website HERE

There is a live countdown to the wedding, profiles on the entire bridal party, suggestions on accommodations for traveling guests, a place for guests to request music in advance and of course the story of how they first met.

Such a cool way to create excitment for your wedding and also to bring your guests into the experience before the reception even takes place!