Saturday, January 23, 2010

A great new Album in time for Valentine's Day

Found this on Itunes.

Perfect set of non-traditional love songs for clients that want a slightly hipper vibe.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ed & Nancy @ Pelican Hill

Ed & Nancy are 2 cool kids who had a stunning ceremony & reception at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast. I snapped a couple photos of them seen here with my favorite Officiant-  JP Renoylds

As you can see, the background for a wedding ceremony at this venue is amazing!!

Ceremony music was provided by Strings By Reiko and they did an awesome cover of "Stand By you" by the Pretenders. They are really good at translating contemporary music into a strings arrangement.

Carolyn & her team from The Special Day made sure (as always) that everything flowed very smoothly.

The highlight of the evening was a Hip Hop dance routine that Ed & Nancy did along with the entire bridal party.  It's pretty sweet and you can watch it on You Tube HERE!!

Speaking of Video....
I was blown away by the wedding video done by Elysium Productions.
They have an on-site editing bay working on the footage so by the time you sit down for dinner the video is done and includes footage from the actual ceremony.  See Ed & Nancy's Video HERE
I've worked with them before and their work always makes a huge impression on the guests.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet our newest clients!!!

Adrian and Desiree are two very cool kids that found us from our YELP profile  and we are happy to be doing music for their wedding.

They had a great idea and created a website specifically  for their wedding on Feb 13th 2010 at Dukes in Malibu.   See their website HERE

There is a live countdown to the wedding, profiles on the entire bridal party, suggestions on accommodations for traveling guests, a place for guests to request music in advance and of course the story of how they first met.

Such a cool way to create excitment for your wedding and also to bring your guests into the experience before the reception even takes place!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Featured Wedding in LA Style Unveiled

Hey Mister DJ is proud to be part of a wedding that was featured on LA Style Unveiled.

Beverly at Leave it to Me Events coordinated everything ever so smoothly for Daniel & Diana's September 5th Wedding at the Camarillo Ranch and you can get a feel for the event by checking out the amazing photos by Gloria Mesa Photography.

Check out the whole feature by clicking here!!.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Need a unique venue??

If you (or your client) are looking for a unique and fantastic venue for a wedding or private party then check this out:

Nice covered patio, fireplace, 2 levels, great service and seating up to 450 people!

You should also check out her new venue: Barbarella Bar (In Silverlake)
We just did a wedding there this weekend and it was a great vibe!

My friend Anat is the owner and will take good care of you so tell her I sent you!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another amazing Venue!!

We did an amazing wedding at a new venue that I wanted to share with you.

It was at the Church Estate in Malibu and it is really a unique space:

We played along with the funky band High Rize from De Bois Entertainment and coordination was handled by the always fabulous Michael Williams from Entertainment Design.

A bit of a walk for the guests to get from the ceremony area to the reception house up the hill but since the surroundings are beautiful I don't think anyone minded very much!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Julie & Aaron @ Twin Palms Pasadena

Julie and Aaron knew EXACTLY what they wanted for their
wedding which always makes my job easier.

Since both of them work in a artistic & creative field they were
passionate about music and wanted me to help them create a very
personal soundtrack for their day.

With selections by Aimee Mann, Rufas Wainwright, The Police, Lou Reed, Massive Attack, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Etta James, PJ Harvey, Frou Frou and Ben Harper we managed to create a very unique set of music for dinner.  My personal favorite was when Julie Danced with her Father to "Shaking the Tree" by Peter Gabriel which was not a traditional choice but it became a very powerful moment in the evening.

Don't get me wrong....we weren't so busy being cool that we couldn't find time to sneak in the Hora to please the Jewish folks in the crowd!  

The venue (Twin Palms Pasadena) provided a great deal of character and was the first time I've seen a circular Ceremony which worked out very well.

Sadly, Twin Palms recently closed after 16 years of business but you can
see how the space easily accommodated eclectic weddings.

The fantastic photos were courtesy of Pasadena Wedding Photographer Edewards Photography and he took the coolest DJ photo of yours truly!!!